Sunday, 18 November 2012

Black Sail Hostel, Ennerdale

Recently, Black Sail Youth Hostel closed its doors to the public. I've been in the valley, at Ennerdale many times, but had never actually visited the hostel. The location of the hostel, is in what has been described as the "England's last true wilderness".

Early this morning, before the sun had risen, I headed to the remote hostel building. Here's the route I took - starting from the Bowness Knott car park (free parking).

The route took me across easily accessible, undulating land - approximately 15 miles in total. I left the car park, at Bowness Knott, headed along the lakeside path, down into the valley. I passed through a gate, and continued the walk, along the same track, until I arrived at the hostel building.

The return route took me along the opposite side of the valley, skirting along the foot of Pillar, and Steeple.

 Black Sail Hostel -


BlackCountryBiker said...

It's a grand walk, a route I also enjoy on my bicycle. I didn't realise that the hostel had closed though... has it closed for good?

Sean Duffy said...

I believe so. There has been talk about closing a number of them, up and down the country. There was a post on the Wild Ennerdale FB page, a few days ago, which indicated that it had closed.

It's a shame.

Andrew Bowden said...

You can relax. Black Sail is closed for refurbishment but will return.

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