Wednesday, 16 January 2013

3D Ennerdale - Fuji W3 test

Yesterday, I visited a very cold Ennerdale to give my new 3D camera a full test. I'm really pleased with the results. The camera, a Fuji W3, is very easy to use - one complaint that I have is that it's very easy to place a finger in front of one of the lenses, due to the lens position... this is easily overcome after re-learning how to hold the camera.

The camera itself has a 3D preview screen, which you don't need to wear any special glasses to view - the screen really does give an illusion of depth! If we've got this technology in our hands now, what are TV manufacturers holding back on? No Glasses, 3D TV is looking really promising for the future!

The 3D Anaglyph images that you see, don't come straight off the camera - I use software to manipulate the left/right photographs that are produced when the shutter button is released. The camera has been designed, so that you can plug it straight into your 3D television (has to be compatible with the mpo file format). 3D images can be printed by a novel process, which means that no 3D glasses need be worn.

To view the 3D photographs from my 6 hour walk -Red/Cyan Anaglyph Glasses are required. Glasses can be obtained off the Internet for free, or if you wish to buy, they are very cheap.

The photos:


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I will, when I've got me specs ... :D

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